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It's more ocker than ever!

Take a sickie and play this game!

Reckon you can outrun the cops without dropping ya meat pie? Can you score some compo without blowing it all on the pokies? And can you drink your own body weight in goon whilst on bail and still not get nicked? Well let's find out in the game where you and your mates can be the bogans you always wanted to be!


  • 30 Drongo Cards
  • 30 Ripper Cards
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Game Dice
  • 4 Beer Movers
  • 48 Tokens
  • 1 Instructions
  • 140 Notes (60 x $10, 60 x $20, 20 x $50)

Players 2-4 Players

Age 17+

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