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Squatter the Board Game is the original Australian farming game, that gives you the opportunity to win at the business of running your own sheep station.
It's lots of fun for 2 to 6 players, aged 10 to Adults.
This is the Authentic real board game, complete with full colour instructions, and you can also access free video instructions on your mobile or online so that new players can quickly learn how to play.
Order SQUATTER to have it at Home, in the Caravan, at the Holiday House or for an ideal life-long present.

• Squatter: a fun board game about Australian sheep farming, for 2 to 6 players.

• Highly entertaining game: suitable for adults and children from about 10.

• Squatter is a simulation game based on real life farming and is a mix of luck and strategy.

• Farmers face many disasters such as drought, bushfire and floods. 

• Nevertheless, prudent farmers use good strategy to protect their farming business and take such  precautions as providing adequate firefighting equipment and sufficient hay.

• Much more than fabulous fun, a game of Squatter is highly educational for all ages. Learn about  sheep farming, the wool industry, business management and much more.

• Chat and laugh with your friends and family while you discover the challenge of battling the  weather and fluctuating stock prices, pulpy kidney, liver fluke and red legged earth mite.


Squatter is ideal family entertainment because up to 6 people can play with a wide range of ages (from 10 years).


•  10+

•  1.15 Kg