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SANTACO Christmas Tree 2.4M 8Ft Xmas Decorations Fibre Optic Multicolour Lights

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You may mistake your new Christmas tree for the real thing. Pull it out every year to celebrate the holiday season. Start a new tradition with your young family.

Use the included decorations or grab some of your own favourite Christmas ornaments. Hang up some sweets for your children munch on. Fill the tree with candy canes!

Plug your Xmas tree in. Turn the lights off. It is like a thousand stars are now in your living room. Watch the grandkids wriggle around the floor wondering how the light gets there.

Place the base down then insert each trunk into each other. (Just get the sizes right.) Pull the branches and fold them all out. Your very own artificial Christmas tree to adorn your loungeroom.

Gather round the tree and sing all your favourite Christmas songs. Turn the lights down and be lit-up by the fibre optic lights. Belt out your favourites. Teach the young’uns the real spirit of Christmas.

Key Features: 

  • Fibre optic lights
  • Thick and dense foliage  
  • Flexible branch frames
  • Realistic PVC pine needles
  • Stable steel base
  • Non-toxic
  • Simple and quick assemble
  • Christmas ornaments included

Tree material: PVC and fibre optic

Base material: Steel

Power: Standard power plug

Colour: Green

Tip quantity: 320

Height: 240cm / 8ft

Tree bottom diameter: 85cm

Base diameter: 55cm

Ornament: 1 Christmas star 30 baubles 30 multi-coloured stars

  • 1x Christmas Tree
  • Varies x Ornament Set