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Heebie Jeebies


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Ready to make a splash into space? This Water Powered Rocket Kit will see you taking off to new heights! Water and air make an explosive combination to launch this rocket that’s fun for the whole family.

Of course, its not just a rocket launch – its also a maths experiment! How you say? By calculating the height and speed of the rocket launch. Don’t use your smart phone: instead, get the kids to do the maths themselves using a protractor, ruler and a weight on a string. All the instructions are in the box!

Kids can launch this rocket that is powered by just water, but shoots up impressively high, reaching 30 meters, or 9 stories! The set contains everything you need to make take-off a success, including fins, 2 valves, 27cm rocket bottle, hose, and pump. Experiment in your water to air rations to see how high you can engineer your rocket to go! Get kids outside and learning fundamentals of STEM concepts with science and physics. Designed for ages 9+

  • Reaches up to 30 metres
  • Simple to launch
  • Uses water
  • Quick set up
  • Water will spray; wear appropriate clothes