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How do you make an image of any human being on the planet by using just one jigsaw puzzle? With Jigpix!

The World's First Smart Puzzle! It's a new, unique and exciting addition to the centuries-old family favourite Jigsaw Puzzle

How does it work?

1. Using the Jigpix Puzzle app (free to download both on Android and iOS), take a picture of the person you want to turn into a jigsaw

2. Press ‘Convert’, the apps algorithm will calculate and deliver a pixelated image of that picture. This new pixelated image is created from the Jigpix puzzle pieces.

3. Press ‘Get Code’, now the apps algorithm will calculate and deliver that pixelated image as a Jigpix map

4. Follow the Jigpix map, laying the Jigpix puzzle pieces down, on the included lay down assembly grid, to bring the picture to life!

Every Jigpix puzzle piece is an identical size and shape, enabling it to interlock with every other Jigpix puzzle piece in unlimited combinations