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Cooked Aussies Smarter Milk Expansion

G'day legends, the milkman's got a new delivery for ya!

Introducing the Smarter Milk Expansion, for those who want milk to taste like real milk. 

This new expansion brings in 100 NEW cards to the sold out original game. 

There is a new type of card in town...the DEMOCRACY card.

The person who draws the card out reads it out loud and on the count of 3, all players must pick a side. Players on the losing side have to drink!

Keeping it simple! 


This first expansion pack will contain 101 cards total and can be played either as a stand-alone game or as an expansion to Cooked Aussies. The Smarter Milk Expansion adds a political flavour to the game with the NEW democracy card. Democracy – The player who picks up the card reads it out loud.