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Do you want to imagine that you are a giant dismantling a wooden tower? We could make your imagination come true. This game, also known as Jenga, contains 60 colourful blocks, which can be stacked together to form a tower. The idea of the game is to dismantle the tower carefully by removing one block at a time without making it fall apart. If it falls apart or the pieces tumble down, the game ends. It requires a great deal of physical control, cleverness and skilfulness to dismantle the blocks carefully without making the tower fall apart easily. If you are playing it with someone else, the winner should not make the stack fall apart. The opponent loses if he makes the stack fall apart.


  • 60 wooden blocks
  • Perfect entertainment for the home or office coffee breaks
  • Perfect for lovers of classic games
  • Specifications: Starting dimensions of tower: 32.5 cms x 8 cms x 8 cms 
  • For children aged 6 or older